About Me

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 47715) practicing in Newport Beach, I specialize in holistic psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families. 

My interest in serving others began as a teen and continued to develop into my adulthood. Growing up in a small town outside of Nashville,  I found myself constantly curious about human suffering and often struggled to understand why there was so much pain in the world. In response, helping people in various communities around the world became something that I felt called to participate in. With a desire to contribute something, I dedicated my time to building connections with others and in turn, gained a better understanding of who I am. 

I too have had my own personal struggles that have definately contributed to my desire to become a therapist. I sometimes like to think of myself as the "wounded healer". I too am human. Although my own personal journey has not always been easy, I have been afforded the privilege of developing a stronger sense of self; one that is based on transparency and authenticity. Today I feel comfortable in my own skin and am blessed to participate in this process with others. 

My Experience

I graduated in 2006 from John F Kennedy University where I received a Masters in Holistic Psychology. This form of therapy incorporates both the Somatic (body oriented approach) as well as the Transpersonal (spiritual approach). After completing my traineeship at the JFK Holistic Counseling Center, I began working at various agencies and treatment centers ranging from Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers, Transitional Housing Facilities, Eating Disorder Clinics as well as private practice settings. I have worked around the country and have held a license in the state of California, Colorado as well as Tennessee. I have a tremendous amount of experience working with trauma related issues and also specialize in the treatment of Eating Disorders as well as Substance Abuse. 

Marcie Beasley Pham, Marriage Family Therapist, Newport Beach

California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #MFC47715

Therapy is an opportunity to experience yourself fully. The type of therapy I offer is truly tailored to who you are. Know that freedom from pain is truly possible.


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Integrative Hypnotherapy for Trauma Treatment / Clinical Hypnotherapy
Integrative Life Center, Nashville, TN (May 2012)
(120 hour course taught by Mary Faulkner)


Master’s in Counseling Psychology / Holistic Studies
Somatic and Transpersonal Psychology
John F. Kennedy University
Campbell, CA (10/2003-9/2006)

(2 years post-graduate supervised experience totally 3000 hours)

Bachelor’s of Science, Psychology
Minors in English / Sociology
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN (1/1999-5/2003)



  • Anger and Loneliness
  • Young Adulthood
  • Financial Insecurity
  • Life Transitions
  • Women’s Issues
  • Parenting Issues
  • Addiction / Substance Abuse / Recovery
  • Eating Disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, Emotional Eating, Orthorexia, Exercise Addiction, Disordered Eating)
  • Trauma and Dissociation
  • Relationship Challenges  / Couples / Families
  • Grief and Loss