Family Therapy

 I believe that even when faced with challenges, every family has their own unique and inherent strengths.  In my Newport Beach family therapy practice we work to utilize and build upon those strengths as a foundation for therapy.  My goal is to help the family to understand the dynamics of the family system.  We will also work to develop a stronger attachment as well as to begin the process of healing family conflict.  Throughout this process I will provide family members with the tools and skills that encourage family resilience as well as better management of family stress.

My approach to family therapy is solution focused and practical.  By combining individual work and family work, I assist families in learning skills that will support one another, and that will guide family members in using those skills in a safe and empowered space.  The healing in family therapy provides them with resources and knowledge to deal with their challenges, and to develop stronger, more effective relationships among all members of the family.

Benefits of Family Therapy include:

  • Improved connections within the family
  • Overcoming of family challenges – big or small
  • Learning new skills as a family or as individuals that will assist each individual in managing their challenges
  • Building of trust and respect
  • Authentic communication
  • Creation of a sense of “togetherness” within the family
  • A better understanding of the patterns that are disruptive to the family
  • Improved ability to cope with trauma, loss or grief