Couples Therapy

We were created for relationships, and ideally, our intimate relationships bring happiness, support and trust.  However, life and past experiences can get in the way, resulting in a relationship where pain, fear and frustration begin to grow.  In my Newport Beach couples therapy practice, I provide a safe space in which these kinds of issues can be addressed.  This allows you and your partner to discover greater freedom in making choices that will create respect and will honor one another.  We will work together to build and strengthen a strong foundation in which your relationship can flourish.


  • Restore and build trust and respect
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Learn to manage conflict in an Embodied way
  • Enhance Intimacy
  • Maintain connectedness with your partner
  • Recognize unhealthy patterns, and support change
  • Equip each individual with the tools to better manage the up's and downs of relationships
  • Explore personal issues that may be hindering deeper intimacy